Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Place Like Home!'s freezing in the Northwest! The snow that looked so pretty this morning is now blowing in all directions. Up north in my cottage, my tenant has not been able to get out to go to work. Here, the few cars on the road are limping along, or going too fast and spinning their wheels. I am huddled in my city home glad to have heat and a couple of good books. I ventured out earlier for a walk to the coffee shop. It was yummy to be on the inside of the steamy windows sipping Starbucks with other hearty coffee city neighbors. I loved watching people walk in, stomp off the snow, embracing the warm chatter and community of this lively gathering place. Later, walking home, the wind came up, the footing became slick, the flakes became chunks and my face began to sting. I could feel the temperature drop with each step. Tonight will be icey and windy. So glad I don't have a reason to go anywhere. Seattle is not a snow city. Everyone knows we are experts at RAIN. We are a city of Rain Dears. Tonight I am red-nosed and snow weary, I am ready for warmer temperatures and rain. Not until Thursday they say.

UPDATE 11PM - serious wind and freezing temperatures - the freeways have been blocked for up to six hours - people who left work early are still not home! They must be so cold! I vividly remember the nightmare winter driving in my years of commuting to work. This is one day I am very very glad to be retired.

Just finished: Cutting For Stone ***** (Five stars!! Best book of my reading year)
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand *** (A good read with charming characters)


Tabor said...

Mother earth can throw a real tizzy sometimes. Glad to read you are safe and praying for every one else to make it home.

One Woman's Journey said...

Stay warm - just raining here in the woods.
Your sharing about the coffee shop - makes me miss some of the city life.

Maggie said...

I will check out both books, thank you. And yes, you stay warm and indoors if you can.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Those are the days when I love my Starbucks the most - when it's stormy and everyone has walked there. It' a nice community feeling to it.

Glad you are warm, safe and cozy. Thanks for the book recommendation!

Deb said...

Hello L.R.! Should I call you that? Thanks for visiting and commenting today. It's always nice to meet a new friend. Enchanted April and Babbette's Feast are two of my all time favorite movies too!

I had forgotten all about those nifty erasers with the brushes on the end. Yes, it was so much harder to get things done. Love my Mac!

Hope you have a safe and warm Thanksgiving.


Pat said...

We(UK) often get your weather later but that looks more like our north Britain. Here in the SW near the sea it rarely snows.