Monday, November 29, 2010

Maybe I Think Too Much!

Cranberry sauce: Boil up some sugar and water, add some fresh cranberries, heat till they pop. Add other stuff if you want. Cool, serve. Who knew? Yum. Amazing. Years ago when I could still influence my kids, I made sure that they agreed with me that cranberry sauce was meant to be jiggly, and smooth and slip with a satisfying "slurp" from a can. None of that sour grandma stuff with lumps. Not at Thanksgiving, not ever. Well folks, I have been enlightened. Ocean spray go away. Come again another day. Or not.

Just Finished: Room *** A unique and unusual voice, fascinating story!
Currently Reading: Unaccustomed Earth - Jhumpa Lahiri


Dolores said...

I never liked the smooth jiggly stuff in the can....... we like the whole berries with all the other good stuff added to it...Suppose to be good for you too!

Helen said...

I have 'Room' on my coffee table and I'm almost read to dive in. Must finish 'A Son of a Circus' first.

Cranberry sauce is one of my specialties ... Ocean Spray/Bah Humbug.

Sarah Lulu said...

Im not sure we can buy fresh cranberries in Australia. We do have little jars of the jelly that we have with ham at Christmas.

thank you for the loving comment on my blog. xx

Dixxe said...

and I usually add a wee bit or ornage zest to really Zing it up a notch..good stuff!!

Maggie said...

Yes, I like homemade too. Hugs. Stay warm.