Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Working Girl

My daughter and her husband have moved to a different bedroom in their house. He says she has now doubled her commute. (Her home office is a few steps further away!) Lucky girl designed her own beautiful comfortable a room that opens to their deck. Her talented husband loved building her very expensive looking, customized desk.  A well known corporation pays her to work there everyday.  No Seattle commute with horrendous freeway traffic, no cubicle, no wishing for a window, a corner office, or a cleaner restroom. No expenses for downtown lunches, spontaneous shopping trips, or daily perfect makeup and ever changing wardrobe with the essential five accessories. It is most amazing to me that she is not isolated, and enjoys close relationships with many of her work colleagues around the world. Technology is apparently the water cooler of corporate life.  (4 more, but who's counting?)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Only 6 more!

Bone tired and burned brittle but thrilled to be in the home stretch.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The wrong time and the wrong place

At the same time the residents of Hanford, Washington are coming forward with information about the devastating effects of radiation exposure, I am lying on a table in Seattle, Washington, tattoos aligned with the redlines shooting from a machine, allowing radiation to be poured into my body. I know without a doubt that in the future there will be a better, safer treatment. I am a child of my time. Really glad it's not leeches!