Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Wedding

The wedding yesterday was perfect.
 Friends and family smiled, wept, and applauded as the fabulous couple came down the aisle with their two grown and highly successful children. Their "best people"  each spoke of the family and community this couple had built over the years: the game nights, beach weeks, pickle ball tournaments, water balloon marathons, dinners, parties. They remembered how this family had opened their arms and home to each person now blessing the marriage.  This remarkable couple  have "been there" for so many; last year they took turns being present for every surgery, radiation and chemotherapy session for one friend, sat with another during the last days of his wife's illness, co-signed loans, househunted, delivered meals, and painted rooms for more than a few of us!  They raised their beautiful smart children to be generous and conscientious citizens who are outgoing and inclusive.  Handsome son Alex thanked his parents for the gift of his life, "and the greatest gift of all;you taught me how to love. " Not a dry eye in the room.

In this summer of weddings and beautiful happy couples, this wedding was particularly joyous.
Nora and Susan, have had to wait 32 years to be legally married.  I say it's about time.