Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More from Thelma Louise Road Trip

Continued Highlights
1. Visiting the cemetery to celebrate the three grand ladies of the best generation: my mother, my aunt Eleanor, and their lifelong best friend, "aunt" Norma.  All lived into their nineties, all died within the last three years, and all were mothers to all of us.
2. Meeting up with my brother. We three siblings sat in the sun until the wind was pretty strong. We had quite a laugh when we realized that there was no longer one of the grand ladies to tell us to get out of the wind! Being together reminded all of us that we three kids are now the older generation.
3. Riding the campus tour bus with my siblings and driver guide cousin  Roxie. VIP treatment that the mothers would have adored.
4. At Roxie's invitation visiting the "Norma Jewelry Store" in the garage and choosing pieces from aunt Norma's vast collection of costume jewelry before it goes in a garage sale. ( Think: ninety year collection of a woman who never ever left the house without at least five accessories! )
5. Finding gluten free bar food for my sister so that we didn't have to have another meal of almonds and dates.
6. Laughing till we cried late into the night at Roxie's kitchen table just like our mothers did for decades. Roxie reminded us that our mothers would have had three forks, a pan of macaroni and cheese, and a pecan pie.  No plates. We were back to snacking on almonds and dates out of regard for my sister.
More tomorrow.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Thelma and Louise do it up right! Chapter 1

Things I liked best about my trip to the Northeast.
1. Selected for the no extra screening line. No shoe,jacket,belt,laptop removal. Just me and the old fashioned walk-through, have a nice flight m'am.
2. Aisle seat, nonstop flight.
3. Washington DC night landing and drive past all the lighted monuments.
4. Hysterical seven hour road trip with my amazing sister. Not quite Thelma and Louise, but close.
5. Road trip lunch provided (within sight of a mcdonalds) by aforementioned sister: gluten free cracker, six almonds and a date.
6. Northeast fall color, can't be beat.
7. Arrival at cousin Linda's followed by immediately jumping into her red convertible, top down, for a real Thelma and Louise adventure in her tiny upstate New York town.
More tomorrow.