Friday, November 19, 2010

Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose

A year or two after my husband died I realized I really didn't mind being single. My kids, my job and my friends were enough. I loved solitary walks, the freedom to choose how I would spend my days off and the opportunity to just "BE." That was then. This is now. BEing semi-retired and single, is, well, lonely. My friends say their retired husbands drive them crazy. Sounds really good to me.


One Woman's Journey said...

LM - I know exactly where you are.
Walked that path - walking that path and I am further down the road of life then you.
Most of the time I like my life.
I call it "freedom"

Ralph said...

I thank my lucky stars I was never so afflicted. Work was a means to life. Now I'm just living.

Dolores said...

Your 'header' picture is so beautiful!!
I pray you find fun, happiness and wholeness.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Brighid said...

I haven't gotten to lonely yet. But then I have friends that are constantly encouraging (pushing) me to be out there and doing.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I can only imagine what this is like, but think it must be a journey - that there are days where freedom feels just right and days when freedom feels lonely.

I think you are doing beautifully at respecting and listening to them. Know that you wont' feel that way forever.