Wednesday, November 24, 2010

After Winter's Silence

Every school in the area is on weather closure.

Yesterday was a silent day in my corner of the city as Metro buses gave up and cars stayed parked. Families with kids used the streets for great sledding adventures. Lots of walkers about and more than a few have dusted off their cross country skis for street travel. The silence was quite lovely.

This morning the main roads seemed a bit better (I even saw a brave biker negotiating the ice and snow - Seattle has a powerful biking community - we will soon have bike lanes on all major streets - and by the way did you ever notice how "real" bikers look like insects?)

Just noticed - the buses are running again! This is a very good sign in a city that was silenced and paralyzed by three inches of snow and freezing winds. Though I loved the quiet, i am glad that my beloved city is valiantly returning to its noisy on-the-move self.

Time to bundle up my temporarily housebound self and bus to Trader Joe's for a pound of butter. What would Thanksgiving be without enough butter?


Tabor said...

A pound here and a pound there and soon you have a decent meal.

Maggie said...

.0Make me laugh. I have one cube of butter that's been sitting in my fridge for months. LOL

Thank you for your wonderfully kind words. I truly appreciate them and you. Have a great buttery day tomorrow. Hugs too.....

Maggie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you dear you. Stay warm.

Dolores said...

Goodness.... it sounds and looks so cold there.... I love the picture.

Hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

One Woman's Journey said...

Hope the weather is a little better.
Have not been online for a few days.
Real butter - I use on everything - always have 2 lbs in frig :)

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

There is something magical about the way snow quiets the city.

Thanksgiving would be NOTHING without butter!

Hope you had a wonderful celebration!