Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fifty Ways to Lose Your Liver

Lonely Rivers will not soon be quitting her day job.
The one with health insurance!

Gall: irritate, annoy, vex,madden, provoke
Bladder: bodily sac for liquid or gas
Gallbladder: musclar organ that serves as a reservoir for bile

So one day LR took a day off from her real job to help out at the consignment store so that Fierce Owner could have her gall bladder removed.
Fierce Owner is a strong and powerful woman. A stalwart and passionate woman. Sometimes even a tough woman. She loves her store. She never misses a day of work.
FO went to the hospital early that morning for a day surgery. We all thought she'd probably try to stop at the store on her way home from the hospital that night.

Shortly after noon, however, we got a call from fierce owner's partner who said FO wasn't doing well. FO was in horrific pain. By closing time it hadn't gotten better. She was unable to leave the hospital as planned.

Let it be said that LR was unsettled. Yours truly has only experienced the pain of childbirth...(the kind you forget as soon as you see the baby!)...never the pain of having your gall bladder sucked out!

FO was told that the pain was intense because they put a lot of gas in your system to enlarge everything before the liposucking begins...and then you have to endure the gas and enlargement for several hours after the suckery.
The rest of the story:
FO did not come to the store that day or the next. In fact she was in the hospital near death for several weeks due a badly botched surgery. Now many months later she is returning to the hospital to repair hernias in the incision.

Ok, so I think if it's not too late God, I will begin to take better care of my gall bladder. Lonely Rivers reconsiders healthy eating.


Susan said...

Not to put a damper on healthy eating but a low fat/sugar regime didn't stop my gallbladder turning nasty. My digestion has been buggard ever since. My experience was a cake walk compared to that poor soul.

Ralph said...

I have a friend going in for the same surgery next week. I won't tell her about best wishes to FO.

Helen said...

I am a gall bladder removal survivor and proud of it. Susan is right about digestive system nuttiness after it's removal. My procedure was almost three years ago and I had no problems whatsoever during and after surgery. The outcome is dependent on the skill of your surgeon. Susan is also right about a good diet keeping the gallbladder healthy..not always the case. It's the fertile, fat, female, forty syndrome for most women.

Dolores said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog....
I still have my gall bladder, and I hope it will be buried with me....
Thanks again...

One Woman's Journey said...

I wrote about my emergency GB surgery last January. The attack was severe - outcome good. They said it was ready to rupture. In the hospital 3 days.
I was fine in a few days and have been. I was lucky. So sorry for your friend.

Beth Niquette said...

Wow--I've heard some horror stories from people I know who've had that surgery. My friend (who lives a few blocks from here) had her gall bladder taken out. The surgeon left one of his surgical tools inside of her and she had to have an additional surgery to have it removed.


dartylady5 said...

I was not so fortunate. My gallbladder surgery was botched. The surgeon cut off my common bile duct! I have had constant problems since then. I had to be transferred to another hospital 2 days later for repair surgery. My quality of life has went downhill since then. I live with pain and nausea on a daily basis. Sad to say, this could have all been prevented if only my doctor had performed a cholangiogram. Best of luck to anyone about to have this surgery!