Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Forever is not Always Forever

Right after this all started, I got to thinking about FOREVER. And it occurred to me that my daughter would have very few photos of me in her forever.  It became my immediate priority to get some good likeness made before I jumped into cancer treatment. I knew the name of a very good photographer, but nothing about her except that she was about my age. She invited me to walk with her and her camera at 5pm when the light is "just right."  We met at a coffee shop. What followed was a stoll through an old picturesque part of the city with a fascinating tall woman who talked non stop while snapping pictures of me, the movie star.  Self consciousness disappeared because there was no way out.  There is more to this story besides great photos. Saved for another day is the story of  Danielle, the tall silver haired lady photographer who used to be Dan, the dashing Emmy winning photo journalist who shot pictures hanging from helicopters.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

this is wonderful and I have
had the same thought.
all pictures of me with family
and would like some of me
alone with my garden...

Anita said...

Ohhhh... What a great tease! Can't wait. :)

Pictures are good to leave to those who love us; regardless of when and how we go.

Continued Blessings.

Helen said...

So glad you made this decision! I have created videos of myself on youTube reading poems I've written. My family and friends will be able to hear me, watch me, remember me. Will we be treated to a tiny glimpse of you? Hope so.

Tabor said...

She sounds like the PERFECT photographer. Snapping and making you feel at ease in order to capture your true spirit. She also sounds like someone who has been through the war of self-identity and thus knows about photographic portraits.

Mage said...

Did you take pictures of her? What a lovely gift for your family. Hugs.

Wisewebwoman said...

A series of snapshots of myself and my daughter and granddaughter were done this way, laughing and talking and moving and to say I was thrilled with the result is to understate it.

But I hear you, I need some done of just me.

PS Can hardly wait to hear your story.