Saturday, March 3, 2012

Only 17 Shopping Days...

Birthdays were big in my little town. Everyone knew everyone else and nobody was left out of the parties. Flossie Smith, the unmarried lady at the bank, sent cards to every kid in town, the upstreet woolworths supplied little paper baskets for mints and peanuts, and most parents copied Ann Van Arnam's smart idea of tying a birthday bow on the celebrant's chair. Cake mixes had just come along and moms were excited by this new luxury - my mom became a specialist at white cake with chocolate frosting sprinkled with walnuts. My best friend Mary and I shared the birthday month of March - with birthdays three days apart. Among my dusty warm memories: Mary's mother Ann walking me home after Mary's party and reminding me that I would never again have just one digit in my age...and to enjoy my last three days in one delightful digit.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I love this
so relate to it.
Times have changed
All of my loved ones
no where near.
Florida, Michigan, New York, Jamaica, Thailand.
Sounds nice
but I miss them
and long for
some of the years past.
Not all of them
just some :)

Mage said...

I especially like the little girl. Just delightful memories.

Dolores said...

The cake and the little girl are so delightful looking!!!
Living in a small town as you described, sounds delightful...

Tabor said...

A little before my time...but not by much. Birthdays among my clan for the little ones can be way too over the top.