Friday, January 2, 2009

This is our Once A Year Day!

Happy New Year!
There are so many reasons to be hopeful today – not the least being the new administration to be come official in a few short weeks. We end our year looking over our past, and begin anew with vision and determination. We eat right, exercise, floss and remember to send birthday cards. We start over – fresh and ready. And at the moment, the dow is up!
A New Year’s Day party at a friend’s home was the evidence – everyone buzzing with ideas for the economy, healthcare, and peace. And the food table laden with dips, fats and sugar went untouched while the vegetables disappeared. We are all getting fit for the new deal.
I am full of good intentions! The snow events and the isolation of the holiday weeks have begun to wear on me and I am ready to return to work and human face to face interaction on a regular basis. I have read a bazillion blogs and I am grateful to all of the funny, smart people who have been my company over the past couple of weeks. I love reading your thoughts, ideas and stories…had no idea there was such a community out there!


One Woman's Journey said...

This online world was new to me before last March. I am thoroughly enjoying my journey.
Wonder when I will run out of stories? When I first started reading your entries I had an idea that you were further down the pathway of life then I think you are. Your recent post gives me a vision of a younger woman.
Take care and it looks like you are headed back to your normal routine.

One Woman's Journey said...

meant to say "since March"

Ralph said...

Like you, I'm always ready for "real life" to resume after the winter holidays. And we have a lot to get moving on! I have a feeling 2009 is going to whiz by so fast our heads will spin.

Finding Pam said...

I am hopeful about 2009, but also a little hesitant to take too much to heart. I will keep on doing the things that I can to conserve and save. The older I get, the faster time flies by. I get dizzy just thinking about how fast it goes. Have a wonderful year.