Saturday, January 10, 2009

Howd-ya-do, Howd-ya-do,Howd-ya-do

As a young wife and mother, Lonely Rivers was not adventurous in the kitchen. She was married to a regular meat and potatoes guy. Three meals on the table seven, twelve, and six. No pasta, no sauces, no rice, fish, seafood, or puddings. No fancy salads. Russian dressing striped over iceberg lettuce the way his mother did it. No mayonnaise and no foo foo oils or vinegars. No cake. Ever. She dreamed of a Steamy Vivaldi pasta pot in any of the Four Seasons.
After the funeral she made a chocolate cake. The way her mother did.
It didn't taste that good.


One Woman's Journey said...

The time has come to be adventurous. Try it. You will like it.

Ralph said...

I agree with OWJ. To me, there's nothing more fun, in its many ways, than good food and preparing it for people who enjoy it. But then again, there are those who are foodies and those who are not. Maybe you're among the latter. No big deal. You clearly have other passions and talents and you use them well, from what I see in this space.

Finding Pam said...

Very interesting post. I have a lot of friends that are meat and potato folks.

We like just plain simple food. Keep it in the most natural form and save the flavor.

Best to eat to live rather than live to eat.