Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hey There Georgie Girl!

Today being Saturday, I will begin telling you about my Saturday gig.

As I was trying to get used to the idea of of retiring, I quickly realized that I would have to eaaaase into it (retirement). My career has spanned almost four decades..and I just couldn't imagine not going to work every single day. So, I got a Saturday job - which meant that I now work six days a week instead of five. I realize this does not sound or look like retirement.

However, the part time job, it turns out, is really fun!
Since April, Lonely Rivers has been spending her Saturdays as a "shop girl" in a consignment store for lovely larger ladies. The owner of said shop is a smart businesswoman with a conscience who sets the stage for inexpensive fashion transformation. She takes in flattering, gently worn, stylish clothes, and (re)sells them at reasonable prices. Now here's the fun part - I can be the transformer! I get to encourage and help our customers put together fabulous outfits for every occasion. I love it when they leave the store feeling great about themselves, their bargains, and looking super sassy! It is so much fun!

Working six days a week has not yet caused retirement...but it has let me know that I can find great joy in doing something that is 100% unlike my day job!

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One Woman's Journey said...

Thanks for responding to my journal. I pick up some common traits that we share. Even though "I am further down the road". There has never been anyone more private than myself.
Here I am sharing a lot since March and will continue to do so.
My youngest daughter is a writer and all 4 of my children "I think" read some of my sharing. Also becoming aware of people I know reading it. They better watch out as I might write about them. lol
So this is a new interest from someone who has lived a full life. If I cannot write honestly then I do not need to write.
If we disappear from the internet most do not even know who we are.