Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lesson Learned Late

So the first review went really well except word count was high. I am now editing down - finding the fewest precise words for big complex ideas. It turns out that the section requirements were 500 characters counting spaces. I missed the part about counting spaces. Did I tell you I hate reading directions? Did I tell you that I have probably wasted years of my life because I usually don't read or try to comprehend directions? Wouldn't you think I would learn from the years lost?

This new challenge (paring down) will not be supported by cookies or driving miles to buy cookies. This is more like a cup of tea and a set timer. I will give myself no more than 45 minutes of editing time on each section. I will actually challenge myself to finish each section before the timer decides to tell me I have failed.


Mage said...

Glad the cookie support is gone. :) Yes, I can read those instructions but don't always process them. Tea will do nicely.

Pat said...

I'm sure my word count doesn't count spaces - how odd.
I can do instructions if they are brief, simple and a decent sized font.