Saturday, November 7, 2009

One Way to lose...these walking blues

Walking to work update: Love it love it love it.
Walking home from work update: Uphill all the way.
Living in the city update: Why didn't I do this years ago?
Quality of life update: Two extra hours in every day.
She's got diamonds on the soles of her shoes!


One Woman's Journey said...

I am happy for you. This One Woman did not find it in the city.
But then I am further down the road of life then you. Just want to garden, write, read - hey I never stop.

Ralph said...

Marvelous! You're probably healthier, too, in all the important ways.

Susan said...

"Diamonds on the souls of her shoes," a magical phrase

Beth Niquette said...

SO---do those diamonds poke your feet???? (grin)

Helen said...

Back home from a nine day trip and so happy to catch up with my favorite blogs! Especially loved the post about your sweet mother... that's the way I want to be in my 90's ... eating around, staying involved!