Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mourning Rain

Sam Owen was twelve and full of hopes and dreams.
In March his pink cheeks turned gray.
All the love and support and medicine in the world couldn't make those cheeks pink again.
Sam Owen turned thirteen last week in a hospital bed.
His best friend read Sam's Bar Mitzvah while his dad held his hand.
Days later the motorcade that made the somber trip along the blue you can live forever lakes stretched for devastated wretched mournful miles and miles.
Sam Owen was a beautiful beloved boy.


Tabor said...

Don't know what to say except why does life end this way?

Helen said...

In its simplicity your post has touched me more deeply than can be imagined. I'm thinking of my own 13-year old grandson and so blessed he is healthy .... tears are welling in my eyes.

Cloudhands said...

Oh so bittersweet. Some lifetimes are so short, we can only pause and reflect and wonder. My hospice patient died last night and I thought he was too young at 54. May you and Sam's friends draw comfort from one another.

One Woman's Journey said...

Thank you for this simple and touching post.

Beth Niquette said...

Wow--that is really sad. May God comfort you with His great strength and love.