Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jeremiah Was Bullfrog

The book is called EAT THAT FROG! It is one of those time management books that made someone a million dollars. It's all about procrastinating. How not to.

The author says, if you have a lot of frogs to eat, you should eat the biggest one first. Get right up in the morning and EAT THAT FROG. He says you should clear off your workspace so that you have room to eat one frog at a time. You should push yourself to be the best and most efficient frog eater, a model for others. Keep a list of the Frogs you need to eat and check them off after each meal. Lonely Rivers sees the remains of her retirement croaking the last feeble croaks. She waited too long to EAT THAT FROG.


Finding Pam said...

I hope you will be ok? Seems like everyone's retirement is shrinking.
Take care and eat those frogs!

One Woman's Journey said...

This One Woman never had a retirement plan. Now trying to just downscale in every area and simplify life. All will be well just not like in the past.

Ralph said...

Scary, LR. I hope for all of us the market turns around soon. Just imagine if W had had his away and Social Security had been tied to the market........

PS: Can I at least cook that frog first?

ccorkran said...

I am Pam's sister and have been staying with her for several weeks.

I loved your blog about eating frogs. I have to find that book.

I also sang the mantra "Will you still love me when I'm 64." I was 40 and now almost 62 and it did not last. I fly solo now and love my independence and closet space. If I met anyone I wanted to share my life with, he'd have to have his own place and me mine. Until then it's just me and my cat. Nice to meet you and hope you will write often. Candace