Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Not Your Daughter's Jeans

Well Thelma (size4) and Louise ( size 4+10) never ever shopped together for clothes. Not in over 60 years.  Not, that is, until the Great American Roadtrip of 2013. Out of the blue Thelma (size 4) blurts out something like..."You NEED to buy different jeans. You look like an old lady. an old bag lady."

You might imagine that Louise, the bigger and older sister, would have some thoughts about this sudden and uncharacteristic breach of the silent code of sisters who have long since made a troubled peace with the fact that they live in very different bodies.  (The celiac body of a woman who eats only almonds and dates, and the more substantial body of a woman who LIVES FOR Costco hot dogs!)

When my face stopped burning and the normal pasty white had returned to my cheeks, I (Louise) refrained from the very familiar snarky retort that had served me well between my 11th and 15th year on earth.  (The six word sentence that had always sent Thelma screaming to our mom.)  Proud of myself for being the more evolved one, I opened my heart and followed my sophisticated rich Republican sister into a clothing store.

Where .... Thelma, like a senior Daisy Buchannin, began tossing pairs of jeans my way. "These are the Jeans for you!"  NOT YOUR DAUGHTER's JEANS...are made for women of all sizes who are perhaps older but definitely want to be stylish.  I actually could not believe the difference in the way they fit and looked.  And just to sweeten the deal, size 14 was too big, size 12 too big too. I bought two pair just because it was so much fun to believe for a few minutes each day that I am a woman who wears size 10 in something besides shoes. I think I hugged my sister.

The Roadtrip is over and so is this saga. Today Thelma is back in DC saving the Government and Louise is back in Seattle wearing sassy jeans and planning a trip to Costco.

 I am pretty sure our mom would be delighted to see that her girls have finally begun to realize that they come from the same genes.


Tabor said...

I heard about these jeans and bought a pair a few years ago....guess it is time to head back that way. Who knows, maybe I am a size 6???

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Love this post.
I liked my granddaughter's jeans when they made a visit
25 years ago never thought I would be asking them "where"
they order from Gap.
So grandma is wearing skinny jeans, their size and black flat heel boots to the knees.
She may have a cane in her hand
"just in case" but she needed something that fit and they do.
With a long sweater or blouse she now looks like what the world is now wearing...

Anita said...

Jeans are the hardest thing to find a perfect fit; at least it is for me. My butt, waist, and thighs don't match; and I'm on the thinner side... not size 4 though! I'd like to say 6, but truthfully, the 8 fits better.

Good story! I'll be back to hear more.

Thanks for your visits to my blog. Come again when you can. :)

Wisewebwoman said...

Funny this. Only in the past year have I found good fitting jeans. At the thrift shop. Two different brands, one is indigo, I think. I don't even look but the fit is perfect.

One of the dangers of being older is having diaper pants, I see it on far too many older women (and men too). All they're missing is the diaper.

I am very open-minded but this is a look that makes me squirm for some reason. (Can incontinence be far behind - pardon the pun?)


Mage said...

Justly lovely. Just delightful the output of joy. I bet you look wonderful too. :)

Helen said...

I love this post .. Had a very similar experience in October, with two sisters! Happy, Happy New Year!

Mage said...

Happy new year to you. Hope you have a delightful adventuresome one.

Blondie's Journal said...

I just found your blog and I'm thoroughly enjoying your posts. This one made me laugh. I'm wondering what that 6 word sentence was!!

I have to check into those jeans. I'm a 14 and would love to see a size 12 tag!! :)


Mage said...

Hey kid, it's time for a new entry. And how do you look?

Mage said...

OKOK, you know that Marilyn Monroe wore size 14? :)

Hey, happy Valentines Day to you. Time for a new entry.

Mage said...

I did it. I applied for the internship. Thank you so much for turning me on to it. The only bad part was joining twitter. LOL