Saturday, May 25, 2013

Who's That on the Cake?

A few weeks ago I unearthed my "wedding box." Items carefully packed away after my June 1967 wedding included:
1. Wedding dress - still in perfect condition even though it had not been drycleaned or trated but simply been wrapped in tissue for 46 years.
2. Beaded headpiece and veil....something my liberated daughter would NEVER have remotely considered wearing!
3. My sister's pink maid of honor dress marked size 14w (We laughed when she tried it on her currently size 6, 60 year old body and couldn't zip it!)
4. Turquoise penoir set with miles of chiffon and ribbons. (Really, I mean really, I can't imagine that I ever wore that to bed.
5. Posed photos of family and guests.
6. Photo of the mother of the bride, my dear mom, in a dress she made and a very stylish hat that today looks like an inelegant lampshade.
6. The cake topper: two plastic figures standing under a plastic arch and looking really miserable. 


Helen said...

I love Saturday mornings .. took a little journey back with you:

Walking Again, Toast Post, Things I Learned From Wedding Pictures and Who's That On The Cake. I had to giggle out loud because my mother had a hat that looked like a lampshade too .. "very" late 1960's. Glad to know you are whole and healthy once more. Paying it forward is a good thing .. enjoy your weekend!!!

Tabor said...

Interesting how our view of life and memories and souvenirs changes with time. I did not have a real wedding, so only have the dress packed somewhere.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Anther one
that did not have a real wedding and at the time of divorce I threw the dress away :)