Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dental Spa?

I have been going to the same dentist for about fifteen years.  My daughter recommended him because he was cute and charming and his office was interesting.  My daughter was 22 at the time and impressed by cute dentists.

 Dr. Dentist now owns a high tech practice that takes up the top two floors of a downtown building...and he is still the only dentist.  He and all of his assistants wear carefully placed tiny microphones and earphones to keep things running smoothly. While a the technician was prepping me, Dr.Dentist was talking quietly to someone in another part of the office and at the same time making sure that I was comfortable and ready for the procedure.

 I wanted to be upset that maybe these people were distracted from the most important patient (me)  but actually they were giving me very good care. I wanted to complain that the white white walls, fabulous art and views of the city were a bit over the top, but was more like the serenity room at  five star spa.

 I wanted to be annoyed when I had to wait twenty five minutes for the anesthesia to take hold, but when they brought me to a comfy lounge chair in the roof garden, gave me fresh a white blanket and offered me all of the current glossy magazines and a choice of music, I just gave up on complaints.

Dr. Dentist  likes art, beautiful architecture, impeccable design, gardening and comfort.  He also really likes saving teeth, advanced dentistry and technology.  He has invested time and money in learning and implementing  the latest in dentistry, hired great people to work with him and created an environment in which he thrives. I walked in today with a broken tooth and I walked out with a crown fully fit and  fashioned and seated - in one visit.  No need to return unless there is an issue, and there should be none.

It is a far cry from the one chair dentist who yelled at me as a child and filled my teeth with giant gobs of mercury.  Dr. Dentist is still pretty cute.


Tabor said...

I like my dentist...but I think I love your dentist!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

My visit is nothing like this.
I like my dentist but after reading about your dentist I realize I am missing much in this small town :)

Dolores said...

I like my dentist, but your dentist and his office sounds even better!!

Mage said...

I'm in love. He's not my one horse dentist.

Marlena said...

It looks like you certainly experienced a great visit to the dentist. As part of their job, dentists should also make an effort to make their customers comfortable while at the dental office. Tense patients are less likely to cooperate. If dentists can find a way for patients to relax, they can definitely make procedures and operations faster. Dr. Dentist certainly knows how to pamper and make his clients comfortable with him, and that is key to winning customers.