Saturday, September 24, 2011

Senior In Seattle

Though I love reading so many blogs and have continued to read my favorites daily, I haven't added comments or let you know that I still think of you as neighbors and friends. I haven't had much motivation to write at all lately, but I am hoping that will change.

Mostly my life has been filled with adjusting to some health challenges and navigating the complexities of the medical world. Add to that the reality of retirement, the maze of medicare and insurance decisions and the bewilderment about why this should be so confusing.

On the flip side I now have the time to practice yoga three times a week, walk regularly and take advantage of all things "Senior" in my wonderful city and the Pacific Northwest.

For Instance:
Tuesdays are Senior Day at OakTree Cinema - first run movies for $5.
* Every day is a discount day at Crest Theater - older movies for $3.
* Seniors can buy a Lifetime National Park Pass for next to nothing!! Spent three days at Paradise Lodge on Mt. Rainier with friends who don't acknowledge they are Senior in any way...but definitely took advantage of the pass.
*Love having friends who don't need a special occasion to have ice cream, though I haven't found a senior discount for ice cream cones.


Tabor said...

That National Park Pass is a wonderful treasure. We have used ours for years and just recently on this trip. We would pay anyway as we are strong supporters of the park system.

Helen said...

What a nice Sunday treat to find your post this morning! I know how complicated the medical insurance decisions are - I've been on a managed Medicare program since I turned 65. Seems to be working fine for me, but I have no extreme health issues to deal with - aside from the normal growing older aches and pains. Blood pressure medication is all I need today, I took myself off the statin my physician prescribed after reading the negatives regarding statins and older women. Guess at 70 I do qualify for that 'older' designation. I love all of the senior discounts too ... I am traveling from Washington DC to Atlanta in late October (at the end of a meeting I attend every year) on AMTRAK! Nice senior discount! My oldest son lives in Atlanta, will spend a week with him then fly back to Bend/Redmond. My airfare and DC hotel are paid for ... I'm good to go. Do keep in touch, fellow Pacific NW blog friend!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

So good to find you this early morning. Have missed your sharing.
Take care of yourself and I understand much of what you share.
So far medical problems come and go and I can handle. Hope as the s70's continue this stays true.
Have a good day.

Dolores said...

I couldn't find your e-mail to respond to your comments on my, here I am on your blog....

Thank you so much for your sweet and generous comments. You write beautifully!! Your words really touched my heart!!!! It's amazing how people we've never met can become a part of our life and lift our spirits like you lifted mine.l

I hope you return to blogging have a gift of writing.