Saturday, May 15, 2010

Like a Window In Your Heart

Life Choices.

J. is leaving Seattle to return to the Northeast. The Northeast of cold blustery winters, hot sticky mosquitos and grandchildren. At sixty-seven and after fifteen years of loving everything Northwest she has chosen to head east to spend her remaining years getting to know the grandchildren she has only seen three or four times a year since they were born. She chose a vibrant college town - two hours in different directions from each of her three kids and six grandchildren. Her kids lead busy lives. She doesn't want to be on top of them - just in the same time zone.

Life Choices. J is leaving her life partner whose Northwest business is thriving, who can't justify leaving this timezone to be near J's children and grandchildren who leads a busy life and likes this timezone just fine. They say it will be a long distance relationship.

Or not.
Life Choices.


Tabor said...

I hate to venture a guess that perhaps the grandchildren are now very busy and she will be the one having to make the drive to visit them and attend weekend activities.

Ralph said...

All I can say is: wow.

Dolores said...

It's good she won't be in the same town.....closer is probably better, but one never wants to live too close to the children/grandchildren...
I wish her luck!

Helen said...

I know if I ever, ever move from Bend Oregon .... it will be to a vibrant college town ~ to help keep my brain stimulated!

Brighid said...

That's what I plan to do here, Oregon I'm on my way.

Maggie said...

Heartbreaking in a way. Yes, I have all these grandkids I don't know, and they only way to see them is to go to them.

One Woman's Journey said...

My story is similar. Moved to the big city to be near children and grandchildren. Busy - busy - busy - children and grandchildren.
I returned to my homeplace 10 months ago and built a smaller home near the woods. True to my heart as I garden, read and write.
I feel great about my decision and have visitors about once a month.
I prepare for two days and clean up for two days afterwards.
At the moment I am in a good place.